Intentionally feeding/suiciding in ARAM

Ever since the official ARAM gamemode was released, people have suicided to the enemy team more often than they change underwear. This is in far the most cases because that's the best decision when it comes to trying to win the game. There's nothing more boring than playing a game as Janna and sitting with 8000 Gold, with the weakest shield in existence, and there's nothing you can do about it, because: I bet most ARAM players don't think about this: **It's considered intentionally feeding to go into the enemy team to let them kill you.** Also when you're sitting on 5000 gold and 5% health. Although I do not agree with this verdict, I have in years reported people that have done this, because I respect the rules. We're talking an average of one player per ARAM game. In the most obvious cases, and when people admit in chat they're gonna 'suicide to get b', I inform them, but that often results in huge discussions, people flaming me and people reporting me simply because they think I'm gonna report them. It's often difficult to determine if people actually died on purpose in all cases. People could be encouraged to just "try less" to survive in fights or stop taking relics so they will be more fragile. But what draws the line? I believe Riot should either actually enforce these common rule-breaking acts and inform people of this illegal act or just remove the rule completely.
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