Seriously when this circle gonna end? [Add To Title] Is this game Seriously for casual players only?

i go blind pick i find premade i go draft pick i find premade and one of them want to "carry" the rest and be the hero, thats why it sucks cause this one is always feeding, one? sometimes all of them are feeding like my last couple of games, sometimes jungler that only goes top, see? im not even asking for help but what if botlane needs help? if i talk thousand of days wont describe how bad is to play with a premades there is a lot of thousand issues playing with them no need to mention all of them, guess many people out there experiences it already. i mean they also so emotional and might go afk if you only say make all three skills at lvl 3, don't leave 1 behind, this hurted the zilean first 3 minute my last game and made him going afk lvl 3 Lol? for real? and he was with riven mid premade riven starts flaming me "for no reason" saying that bad Yasou etc, when i was 1v2 botlane, and leblanc mid were rekting riven and came bot also so i become 1v3 lol, please Riot find something to make us play all random, and i will be fine if got stomped 0/50 just not with premades And you will see all people happy and enjoying the game. Edit: just to add guys, the difference in MMR doesn't apply to premades mastery score or skill level or anything in normal games, you get a premade new to game and you make them join a hard game with high MMR it was always like this, different skills is a big issue i can't play normal when i have a new players in my team. Edit2: Seriously guys who is responsible for matchmaking, i mean you guys its not fair putting new players with another old players just because they are premades not really fun when i lose 100%, for couple or 3 games in a row just because "destiny" is calling. i hope i get a response from a Rioter or Mod to explain this.
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