Punished for Tilting

I more and more get the feeling that getting tilted is punished way more often than tilting people through insulting, trolling and abusive texting is. I just had a game (Jgl Vi), where my botlane (esp. Kog) fed their ass off from minute one (not exaggerating). I told them calmly to try to keep up in farm and wait for me to gank, but under no circumstances to fight. Of course they did fight, but that's just why I was concentrating on my toplane Maokai at the moment because he was the best lane to gank, mid and bot totally losing at the 5 minute mark already. Mid and Bot proceeds to flame me and insult me, so I tilt and spam the chat full with logical arguments like "You DID just engage solo and we CANNOT fight them 2v2" or "I didn't do that, stop making things up", always answered with something like "You're just shit" and "%%%%ing troll". Eventually I got angry and kept writing in CAPS, but never personally insulted anyone, just saying that their bad plays are not my fault and they are wasting everyones time if they're 1) not willing to play the game as its supposed to be and 2) not surrendering if they don't want to play the game properly in the first place. Now I got a chat restriction for.. I don't even know, the client didn't tell me. 3rd time I am down from honor level 4 (first time was deserved so I wont complain about that). Just for trying to argue against totally illogical accusations which eventually make other players think that I troll or something. Am I not allowed to defend myself on a logical basis? Why are they allowed to insult and accuse me of things I don't do and then get me banned for that?! I would really like to see my chat restriction gone and at least unlock the honor level again so I don't have to wait half a year to get some loot again.
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