MKJogo/MKLol Suspensions

Hi Everyone, As you are probably aware from the numerous posts on the boards, a large amount of suspensions were given out recently for players who broke the [Terms of Use]( and used third party products that violated our [Third Party Program Policy]( With every ban wave, we get a lot of push back and claims of innocence. When this occurs, we always keep a close eye on it and the unfortunate truth is that in every case these are meritless claims, and are always accounts that have been used in cheating, either currently or in the past. We have one exception to this rule today. The one place that we have given people some breathing room is with the program MKLoL/MKJogo - **to be clear this program absolutely breaks our Terms of Use and Third Party Policy, and if you use it you are 100% at risk of being banned from the game.** However, we have given warnings in the past to allow visibility that this program is not permitted, and given players a second chance (Which I am not going to guarantee will always be the case - don't use it!) Our most recent ban wave clearly did not take this second chance into account. Due to an issue with the scope of the suspension, players who previously used this program but were compliant in removal were inadvertently caught up in this suspension wave. At this time, these suspensions have all been reverted (please notice that if you have not been unbanned it’s not because we “missed” you but because your suspension was correct, and we will not remove it). While this was an unfortunate side effect of our scripting/cheating detection recently, these bans didn't affect "innocent" people, but rather it affected people that were "not innocent but were given a second chance." It's not always going to be possible to get this second chance, so please follow these guidelines to ensure your account is not caught using programs that break our guidelines: - Read the policy on [Third Party Programs]( - Err on the side of caution with third party programs. We actively encourage a healthy third party ecosystem so long as it complies with our rules - if you're unsure? Don't risk it. Your account isn't worth the risk. - Ensure you are the original creator of your account, and do not share its login details. Ever. If you purchase an account, not only is that against the Terms of Use in it's own right, but you have no idea how that account was leveled. Sharing your account with your friend? You have no idea what they're doing on it. If a banhammer hits you, "I didn't know" isn't the same as "it didn't happen". - Don't randomly download things without knowing what they're doing to your computer, and your account. It's rare nowadays thankfully, but there's still a small portion of people in the world that just download things without knowing what they're doing - and once again, as above, "I didn't know" isn't the same as "It didn't happen." Running a cheat program, even if you have no idea what it's doing or are not using it properly - can still put your account at risk. - Be careful when using other computers. Internet Cafe's are awesome, playing with friends in person in awesome. However be vigilant and wary of what's running. Outside of that guy who just sat down in front of you and went 15/0/1 with no skill, there can be keyloggers and other naughty software that don't want your account to be safe. Be vigilant - you've worked hard on that account. To those of you who were given this second chance and affected, we appreciate you giving us this visibility. I personally absolutely understand it can be scary and crushing to feel like you did nothing wrong and complied with our requests - and your visibility helped us investigate this at a deeper level. Unfortunately this can sometimes take a bit of time to investigate as we have to be entirely sure of what happened - as mentioned, oftentimes legitimate cheaters will attempt to circumvent their suspension by claiming innocence, and we will always validate these claims - but very very rarely are they ever true. Also to clarify: Not everyone was banned incorrectly. This post is specifically tailored for those players who were banned and unsuspended, and may not understand why.
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