Premade Teams Break The Report System

This has been something of concern to me for a long time throughout playing League and that is the abuse of the reporting system. This stems heavily from games with premade teams, not every single one of them, not in any way shape or form, but literally missing one gank in a lane, losing a turret or dying is becoming reason enough for a flame war followed up by an obligatory 3/4 report stream. It's stupid, I was playing a game in the same room as a mate so we didn't use the chat for anything bar pings and call outs only for myself and one of the others to receive verbal abuse post game. Literally pointless playing with preteams, even if you don't speak to them, it's STILL a report at the end of the game. Something needs to be done to remedy or make the system actually work and usable in the way it's intended. Anyone can click to submit a report, type random accusations in the description, hit ok and then start a new game, it's not hard or time consuming and that's the problem. Honestly, it's getting to the point where I only want to play with pre made 5 man teams or not at all. Europe West has got incredibly toxic in the time I've played, which is a shame since I love the game, just not the players. Oh and before you say "mute them", tried that, then you get spammed post game with refused to communicate. It's a bit silly.
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