Its a joke,every game has a toxic player or afk!

im pretty sure riot is forcing my account to 50% winrate atm. I have climbed so fast with a 57% at one point but lately Every single game i have played on my main account has either ended with one of my teammates giving up or straight up trolling the game because 1) Supp/Adc start arguing and the other trolls 2) Somebody just goes Afk 3) Flaming>Actually playing 4) Solo loses lane,blames jungler and trolls or afk's 5) Just toxic games in general Every single game i get reported by people like this,because im the jungler and its all my fault ofcourse,if i was truly as toxic as they say i would have been gone long ago (Got honor 3 on my other account). Im sad,i want to play the game but cant. Add me to play some normals because this isnt worth it anymore.
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