My main account was permad a few weeks back. Heres what i lost and what i learned.

**My main account (IGN Carl dip) Was permad 3 weeks back. This was my first real account. It went under many names such as Ton aseryo, Taco boy, XDG Doge, and finally Carl Dip. ** I had all champs, many skins (atleast 1 for each champ), many old icons wich are no longer available, i had 12 or 13 rune pages and every usefull rune in the game. I had spent over 1000Euros on that account. _**But most of all it had so much sentimental value to me.**_ I had played it for 5 years. I've made so many friends through that account, many of wich i still talk to on a daily or weekly basis. I have tons of memories with that account that i can never replace. I remember when i started to actually try to improve, i went from silver5 to plat2 in 3 months. This was in season3, i abused kha'zhix mid so much and it was so fun to play even though i was really bad. _______________________________________ **There is no excuse to what i did, and even though it was mostly sarcastically (Sometimes very real) I ruined peoples experiences with the game.** I'm not here to get my account unbanned, or to cry about it, but to tell people that it's not worth it. Never. I honestly never thought i was going to get permad. I was banned for two weeks wich made me realize that this behaviour was unaccaptable and if I didnt stop i'd get permad. But i didnt listen. I'm trying to reform and rebuild my account and the reformation part is going ok but the rebuild is painful. Something i did over 5 years will take me atleast another 2 years to complete. But i'll never get my first and most important account back. _________ _Moral of the story is don't flame, even ironically or sarcastically. And dont do it to impress your friends or try to be funny. It's **SO** not worth it. _ Upvote if you cried. {{item:3070}} _Rip Carl Dip._
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