What is your opinion on the following behaviors?

Here's what happened: I was playing a 3v3 game against bots. There was a bot on my team and an assassin. The assassin was an actual player. So, here's the thing - at some point we got into a team fight (our AI was just feeding of course, whatever), and I noticed that in our first fight this player was walking close to the opponents as I was hitting them, waiting to take the kill (he was not attacking them at all). I thought, whatever, let him take it because he needs to get gold to be relevant. So at some point, I throw a skill shot and missed it, to which my teammate replied with "xD". After that, I went jungle to clear two camps. He came close to me, waited and stole the first one. I thought fine, maybe he has fun whatever, I went to the second camp, and he came and last hit it too. At that point, I was pretty upset. I expected the game to be quite unpleasant for me, he would probably follow me everywhere to take free farm and kills. I told him he would either say sry for trying to tilt me or I would throw. He called me "kiddo" so I didn't help him and the game was lost. What are your thoughts on this? Should I let him lose? Should I keep playing? Should I not? Do you get upset at some games and quit? I don't know, I just want to hear opinions, thanx.
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