I feel so sorry for new players..

This weekend, I got a buddy of mine to play League. Hes always been reluctant, but I broke him down eventually. I wanted to play with him, so I made a smurf. Honestly, I cant believe that anyone new to the game actually stays. People at the lower levels are absolutely appalling to each other. I remember it being bad when I was levelling up, but never THAT bad. "F*ck you Vayne stupid b*tch, 0/7 learn to play f*g", was one phrase that for some reason stuck in my head, but over all the games I played, everyone was flaming everyone else. Also, I never finished a game as team of 5 versus a team of 5. Every single game I played had at least 1 person leave. My mate says he has no idea what I see in the game, and wont be playing it again. To be honest, I don't blame him.
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