Dear Riot...some clarification please.

There has been a wave of posts over the last few days about the confusion that surrounds the reporting system. In particular around report calling. There seems to be a lack of clarity about these 2 points: 1) Report calling is punishable 2) One report is enough to trigger the report system, hence calling for "x9 reports" is unnecessary. I understand that Riot want the community to set the standards for behaviour in the game and I think that this is the correct approach. However, the punishment system is clearly set up so that a player will be automatically punished if they are reported for 'report calling'. The summoner's code does not explicitly state that this is the case and I believe that some players will (and have) be punished without knowing in advance that they have breached the code. This could be simply resolved by making a statement that 'report calling' comes under the category of unsportsmanlike/negative behaviour and risks punishment. This could be displayed in the game loading screen (where we currently see 'tips') or put in the summoner's code as an example. Don't get me wrong, I am not defending report calling but I do believe in fairness; people playing should be warned in advance about what could potentially lead to a punishment before the event. When I recently pointed out to a member of my team that report calling "x9" is not only not required but actually punishable, I was challenged as to where it states that in the summoner's code. The fact that some are unaware of this shows that there is a lack of clarity. Have a nice day Wa5abi65
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