People have found a very horrifying way of TROLLING (afk farming)

**_Please read this full thread before just downvoting on an impulse. I know the difference between crying about teammates such as "jungler no gank" and straight up trolling. I never even get ganks from my teammate jungler anyways, so I don't care about my jungler helping me, nor about bad teammates._** So in my game I had a master yi who was on my team and he was jungling. He did not gank any lane at all. _**He stayed in his own jungle and enemy jungle the entire game**_ So basically this method of trolling is _**"afk while moving" THROUGHOUT THE GAME, EVEN WHILE ENEMY IS DESTROYING OUR NEXUS/INHIBITOR/WHATEVER **_ this method is used to troll in way that is _**"technically not against the rules!"**_ its messed up! **He started the game in the jungle and ended the game still remaining in the jungle** He got a few kills in the jungle because he is Yi at the end of the day, but it wasn't some type of strategy. **HE REMAINED IN THE JUNGLE THE ENTIRE GAME WITHOUT GOING ANYWHERE ELSE **I have the complete replay of this, and this is not the first time this has happened. One time I had a Trundle top lane who just left his lane at 5 minutes and then just stayed bot lane the entire game even though he was not dying much, he still stayed bot and went to no other lane, not even jungle. HOW WILL RIOT PUNISH THESE PEOPLE??? PLEASE RIOT!
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