Wishing Cancer or some other Deadly plagues should get INSTANTLY permabaned

I want to be honest , it gives like over 60 % People that wish Death/Cancer and other Bullsh#t plagues to a Human but , did you ever think before you write something like that ? maybe this guy lost a Family member , or his Mother/Father by Cancer , do you honestly think this is funny in any way ? when you say to somebody who lost his Mother by Cancer ''_**I Hope you and youre ugly family will die by Cancer**_'' do you honestly still think youre still worth beeing called a Human ? , what you say there is just as terible as the things a terible human said while the Holocaust Riot please , it gives a difference of calling someone mean things , and wishing someone a Deadly plague Please , those Humans deserve no second Chance , they should instantly get permabaned without any warning , because this kind of Flaming is just the worst nobody deserves Cancer... and if you wish it to random people that didn't done anything to you than youre not worth to be called a human anymore...
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