What can you do riot?

I don't get it...it so frustrating to deal with those people.. I reported a lot of those trolls and yet i feel like i'm just wasting time. You say that a report doesn't count but a lot of reports do.. but here the fact I lost an hour of my time... I am bound to the match and since that idiot doesn't want to surrender (he got a friend so 3/2) i am tortured (because that's how it feels) to continue that match with a guy that is literally STEALING my time... I'm not happy.. This can't keep going... they don't care about reports and let's be honest here... i don't think this works. I pay for skins because you deserve something for making such a great game...but the solo queue and generally the toxicity of the matches is rising and playing (with satisfaction) becomes harder and harder... So i ask you RIOT what can you do?!?!? And i don't wanna hear about promoting parties in game ...i want to play in solo queue in peace without fearing troll, AFK, feeders or generally toxic people. The community loves you riot..but doesn't fear you anymore. So again what can you do to solve this? I just give you a screenshot of a game i just made. You can clearly spot the troll and you have no idea how bad was playing with him... What will happen to him? Nothing? I don't know anymore...i feel tired that's all riot... {{summoner:3}} {{summoner:3}} {{summoner:3}} You keep innovating the game...but your biggest weak point is still there.. http://imgur.com/B5QPHj2
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