i'm a complete asshole.

There's this one guy in my friendslist that reached plat at one point, Hes often kind of ignorant about it. A while back he kept asking us to 3v3 him. I took garen. He got first blood on me really closely. And wrote something like: "shouldv sticked to support champs". What he didn't know is that garen is a freaking monster in twisted treeline. around 5 minutes later i got so tanky that nobody in their team could deal with me. he went from 6/1 to 9/11 i went from 0/1 to 16/6. at that point they couldn't really 3v1 me anymore. To be completely honest, the guy is actually really nice, It just felt amazing playing something so absurdly broken. i'm literally the worst kind of player lol. i'm sorry for what i've done (though not really i'd do it again any time)
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