Toxicity is overrated and at most times not wrong

Gonna give tldr at the beginning so u can go ahead and start fighting in the comments without even understanding my point of view(toxic player = bad player = toxicity not that bad) And now to whoever is still reading this let me explain, i see myself as a non toxic 90% of the time totally chill player, but a incident occured that made me realise this whole thing, i had a game where i got killed top as a top laner, i got back to lane and didn't ward got killed in less than 10 sec of me entering lane, then came again as a lvl 3 against a lvl 5 jungler and top laner who were able to get me under turret easily, i was 0/3/0 and low cs, i sucked hard, the jungler called me all names like look this feeding useless #$#$ this and #$#$ that, i didn't say anything because i desere that and my gameplay was the reason he reached that point, he still ganked and we won at the end, the problem is my team kept saying stuff mid game like toxic jungler reported and muted, while all his flame was fixated on me, in this situation where i am the one getting flamed i see that he is innocent and justified, and players when they get angry should have a way of releasing that anger in a way that doesn't affect game like trolling, because people differ ,not everybody is a coolhead, excessive use of curses is bad, but i would prefer 100 cursing player in my upcoming games over one troll, the only reason it's a big thing is that u can find proof to ban with, and if u are a person who can't handle curses u can mute no biggy from the first time he curses, but if he trolls it's not like u can kick him out or even leave game cuz then u get banned, point is chill about flaming players there is bad in them but they aren't the real threat stopping this game from improving and not nearly as bad as trollers and bad boosted players, and get all team voice chat out already. (Toxicity at letting off steam is understandable but not right but no the real problem)
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