"7 minutes"

[I wrote it like a letter to that person, even that im sure the person won't ever read it.] I just had a game, where our midlaner lost their lane, okay.. can happen, nothing terrible. But, and here lays the part which i refuse to understand, that person asked to surrender since the 12:54 minute mark and protending to be standing afk in base since then. I mean, why do you even play in the first place if you just stand afk in base if you can not win your lane or start to snowball? It was 2 kills for us and 8 for the enemies, thats not terrible at all! Our toplaner lost too, sure.. but our jungler was doing decent and botlane with brad and me was doing really well until you started going afk. We could have won that game if you just tried to come back. I don't care if you were going to feed 800 kills to the enemy orianna, as long as you would've tried atleast! But no, you just stay afk in base and do nothing.. not even roaming and trying to annoy the enemy team so that brad and me could have maybe done something. Just.. why do people surrender that easily? They don't even try anymore to come back in any way. They don't try to have fun, even while loosing. It is a Videogame and you should treat it as such. If you don't have fun with it, why play it? If having fun means for you, to destroy your opponents and win the game with no effort and only winning, then you shouldn't play any multiplayer game. Im just frustrated over this and don't know where else to put it. It also was just a Normal game, you wouldn't have lost anything anyways for trying. I mean, you wouldn't give up so easily in a ranked too, would you?
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