I am trying to remain calm

So I enter the promotions for Gold II with a very positive attituide as I almost always do when playing ranked. Yes, I rarely get tilted and almost NEVER type flame. Last time I remember flaming someone was over a year ago. But now CONVENIENTLY when I entered my promos I get matched with, guess who? That is right, a Sona supp that has not played the game in over two years. Great. Just great. Just what I needed. She spends 2 minutes in base searching for the damn MANA POTION. She does not know what Bard do and is completely lost.... IN RANKED. So my question is... WHY?! WHY do I get matched with that kind of person? I do not give a crap what their MMR was two years ago, I have a right to be matched with people with similar skill as mine.... people WHO PLAYED THE GAME recently, not some returning wannabe who thinks they are smarter than everyone else and ignorantly chooses to play ranked immediately after return. Why is matchmaking so damn ridicilous and why is there no some sort of trial period for returning players? They should not be allowed to play ranked immediately after a long period of absence. It is not fair towards us regular players who play every day. It is just not.
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