What comes after inting?

Over time, the meaning of "feeding" shifted from "giving kills" to "not preventing giving kills enough". I think that the latter can be understood as unintentional feeding. Recently, usage of the word inting (intentional feeding) has increased, and it is misused a lot. "Sorry guys for inting. Had a rough matchup." My main concern is not that the word is misused in that way (saying intentional feeding when it was actually and explicitly unintentional), even though I would prefer a more precise use of the established terminology. Instead, my main questions are: **If inting is misused in a way that means the opposite, what do you say when you actually mean intentional feeding? Do you say intentional inting (intinting)? What do you think will come next in the chain? And how (if at all) do you think can the community be guided back towards correct use of the terminology*?** *(e. g. to use "feeding" for both intentional feeding and repeatedly dying unintentionally, "getting caught" for infrequently dying due to carelessness, "inting" for intentional feeding) I'm curious about your opinions on this.
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