Thank You Riot.

I just wanna thank riot for banning my account about a year ago today. Yep you read right; i'm thanking riot for banning my account. Why? Because before my ban; i was one **toxic** child who was getting chat bans that lasted from 5 to 10 to 25 and then 75. Yet even when I had these warnings it didn't stop me flaming. Then in came the Bans, first a day ban, then a 2 week ban. After a few week/months i thought i was in the clear until one fateful game. upon the enemy escaping really low multiple times and then the enemies taunting me after already being tilted. I snapped and the flame that was in me was reignited and all hell broke loose. After the game i remember not playing for the day and focused playing on other games. The next day I open league to see the heart-beat skipping message. I just remember being in denial and even crying; knowing that this account that I've owned for years, had been banned. And after a year of that ban; I haven't had a single chat ban or suspension within the year. I can hopefully say that i've reformed (and climbed from silver on that account to Gold IV). hopefully my reforming will stay that way for the many years that i'll continue to play this wonderful game. Thanks for taking your time to read this and remember; Don't be a douche and flame; it won't get you anywhere. And might even make you realize that it might even get you LP. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
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