Give players option to receive permanent chat ban after their 14-day restriction

Hello, So I have an idea, which I think may have been discussed many times in the past, who knows. The idea is that when someone receives a 14-day ban, the next login after it expires would trigger a simple poll, asking a player if he wants to voluntarily put himself under a permanent chat restriction to prevent the final, permanent account ban (when it comes to chat behavior only, of course). **Why I think this idea has merit: ** - If the player got banned for chat behavior, this eliminates the issue completely and also allows players to keep their accounts they spent time and money on - Most trolls I believe were created in this way, getting banned for chat behavior while talking cr*p to someone else trolling. This leaves a sour taste in player's mouth and if he keeps playing, he might just make it his mission to do subtle in-game trolling just to get people banned, making the problem worse and worse over time **Smaller things I believe should be taken into consideration as supporting this matter: ** - The game has a built-in, enabled by default language filter. If people disable it, it was their choice, so complains about mean words in chat are lowered in value - The game further implements a mute button, which enables you to mute someone if you don't like their chat behavior. If everyone mutes a person, its basically the same as them being chat restricted which I think supports the cause **Counter arguments I believe do not make sense: ** - Chat is important tool and must be available to everyone in game. --- One of the most common advice given to people struggling with their chat behavior is to "/mute all" at the start of the game so they do not tilt. This clearly defeats the subsequent argument that chat is very important - I have seen people claim that chat restrictions are pointless because people then troll in-game. ---- I do not see how this is an argument. If someone then trolls in-game as well, he gets banned but if he does not, he gets to safeguard his account. **Why I think current system resembles the big pharma industry: ** The current system is made in a way which makes it very difficult to ban someone who does subtle trolling, like waiting around a teamfight until your team loses and then suicide alone (possibly finishing off some low hp enemy to make his score look fine) and similar things, like when laning in bot, your partner may intentionally not follow up on you and let you die etc. This makes it seem as if riot was not just refusing to ban trolls, but actively defends them because you cannot even speak your mind with them. This issue is made even worse by some in the community who want to look like heroes and show off their virtue, claiming everything bad only happens because people say mean things, that context does not matter (example: killing people is bad, but if you kill someone in self defense when your life is in danger, this bit of context clearly changes the situation --- yes trolling in game does not endanger your life, this is to illustrate that context does, in fact, matter). Right now, if someone trolls in my game, I feel like I need to put a big smile on my face and act happy about it because the telescreen is watching me and if a sign of unhappiness is detected, the secret police comes in and you are never heard of again. I do understand that chat behavior plays a role, but I also believe it is a consequence of actions other people take and the community, along with the game designers, need to realize this. Thanks for reading my rant if you made it this far. Hopefully we can all take a fresh stance on the matter and try to find a solution instead of hearing the old tired "He started first" and "Context does not matter" kind of talking points.
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