Was this against the Summoners Code? Did I still do the right thing?

So, I was in a normal game. Playing my main Poppy top lane vs Kayne. 7 minutes in I had killed him 3 times and had a ridiculous lead. Rest of my team was snowballing and we already had two towers by 11 minutes. Basically, it was turning into a stomp. Knowing how terrible it can feel to be on the receiving end of a stomp, and especially knowing how Kayne must be feeling after being killed 3 times, I decided to let him catch up in farm. For 12 minutes we played Farmville up in toplane and had a chill time spamming laughs jokes and dances until my team decided to come top and kill him. The game continued and ended up being about 45 minutes long, with many close and intense teamfights. They even managed to ace us once. I personally had a ton of fun that game, and I'm sure the enemy team had more fun than if they were stomped. Kayne was also able to have quite an effect in these fights. Post game (we won), some members of my team said I shouldn't have let Kayne catch up in farm. Thinking about it myself I remembered that it is a reportable offense to "assist the enemy", which I definitely did. Obviously, I would never dream of doing such a thing in a ranked game, but I thought my actions here were fine, given that most of us had more fun this way. I also personally thought it was more honorable than thoughtlessly stomping the enemy. Did I do wrong? Is what I did to be encouraged or not? What do you guys think? And if what I did should be encouraged, may I point out that being able to honor enemies would do this perfectly.

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