(I need to write this all over again :( my day is ruined) My Account Thesaiker got perma banned today. This is some bullshit, it came outa of no where. I am rarely toxic in my games i always say ''GG WP'' instead of gg easy etc, and always saying Gj man if some doning good play etc. I was called bad , noob and there flaming me cause i didnt follow.. people are trolling saying dumb things in the chat, i lost my temper. I admit i was wrong but A PERMA BAN? its bit over the top especially for me for me, before this i had a account that was permabanned to 3 months ago i did so much to get it back.. so much but i didnt get it backs so i accpeted it .. Don't get me wrong on my last account i was REALLY REALLY toxic i will admit that..Back in the days i was goning to hard time it was no fun, so i decided to make a new account (thesaiker) i was happy again is play wiht my friend i was almost lv 30 today .. i was almost ready to play ranked with my buddie..almost then this ban. I know you first need to get 14 day ban and after that you only can get an perma ban, let me explane: here above you see "make a new account" the account already exist, but make was the best word to use, you guys understand me but back to the story back in the days where i still had my old account (MGD1DANNY) I had an smurf (thesaiker) i played on it for the troll i didnt play serious on it i made troll video with it and sometimes i flame a bit and that's why i got 2 week ban, But then my main was banned i was like " I will never be toxic as then anymore'' And then i played on my ''smurf'' again for serious now. I created my own legacy. Allow me to rejoin the rift once again, play with my friends again and rejoin the old good time and the new the time that will becoming ( I love the winter best feeling ever~) Thank you Riot games i know you got me on this one. Proof: http://imgur.com/nnUVhGA Game 1 TheSaiker: go bot TheSaiker: stfu TheSaiker: dude TheSaiker: stop trolling man TheSaiker: there is no fun TheSaiker: akali why troll? TheSaiker: GAGAHA TheSaiker: OMG TheSaiker: lucky man TheSaiker: haha TheSaiker: np bro :) TheSaiker: thx for the kill and tower TheSaiker: ty TheSaiker: that silence haha you was dead TheSaiker: hahah TheSaiker: wat doe je stoer TheSaiker: 1vs1 me boys TheSaiker: nah nvm i take you guys TheSaiker: i am palyign 1vs3 TheSaiker: ahahah TheSaiker: 1vs3 only TheSaiker: hahah 1vs1 pls TheSaiker: stop TheSaiker: can we group? TheSaiker: stop die TheSaiker: yes TheSaiker: ty TheSaiker: i know its hard to play league TheSaiker: but listen TheSaiker: i am good TheSaiker: STOP NOOB TheSaiker: WOW GAREN SO HARD CHAMP GET OUTPLAYED TheSaiker: i dont even have a team .. TheSaiker: i am playing this 1vs3 TheSaiker: Mr chall? idk TheSaiker: i kr TheSaiker: TEAM TheSaiker: yo TheSaiker: you guys are bad let me said that TheSaiker: JUST HELP ME PLS TheSaiker: what is your prob TheSaiker: BRO I AM SMURF TheSaiker: lol TheSaiker: silver 3? TheSaiker: bronze 5 TheSaiker: that champ TheSaiker: its so hard to carry when they got a garen LOL TheSaiker: this jax says he's silver 3 HAHAH TheSaiker: NOPE BRO' TheSaiker: your trolling my game TheSaiker: wanna bet? TheSaiker: i am not like you guys TheSaiker: i just 14 years old that got a job already TheSaiker: 14 year carrying your ass TheSaiker: LOL' TheSaiker: dont talk TheSaiker: BRONZE 5 TheSaiker: report my team :) TheSaiker: why people ruining my game TheSaiker: like pls get good at league TheSaiker: stop playing league Game 2 TheSaiker: your lv 5 TheSaiker: dude TheSaiker: your reported TheSaiker: lee stop man :_ TheSaiker: these junglers .. pff TheSaiker: this lee still lv 6 HAHA TheSaiker: lol gg ez TheSaiker: gj ez nice plays TheSaiker: LEE TheSaiker: HAHA H TheSaiker: report lee for flame TheSaiker: hahah yi pls TheSaiker: low elo players haha TheSaiker: pff cance rgame TheSaiker: ... TheSaiker: np TheSaiker: yi what are that items TheSaiker: i had 0 ganks lee pls coem gank ty TheSaiker: wtf is that wall i R to something diffrent TheSaiker: a TheSaiker: i cannot take these math makings anymore TheSaiker: 3 top pls TheSaiker: i knew that lee would fuck up TheSaiker: this top TheSaiker: so what? TheSaiker: go afk :) TheSaiker: you lose i lose .. TheSaiker: so go afk TheSaiker: there is no reason to go afk .. i just wanna win TheSaiker: but yi and lee keep fukcing up TheSaiker: lee TheSaiker: i carry np TheSaiker: baron TheSaiker: baron pls TheSaiker: ez TheSaiker: see i caryr TheSaiker: i catry Game 3 TheSaiker: all worth :_ TheSaiker: :( TheSaiker: cry babbby TheSaiker: :( TheSaiker: faster b TheSaiker: still no kill heimer? TheSaiker: yes ashe i cant TheSaiker: such noob botlane hhahah TheSaiker: And nobo lee sin :) TheSaiker: i got 3 kills :) TheSaiker: i am good at league TheSaiker: you not TheSaiker: lol brain dead TheSaiker: i am smurf so pls TheSaiker: muted thho TheSaiker: :( this elo... TheSaiker: yes sona i got 4 now TheSaiker: ahah i rek you ass :) TheSaiker: narrow minded :) TheSaiker: you was premade with that ass right? TheSaiker: I CANNOT TAKE THhis chat... TheSaiker: i muted y all TheSaiker: bot still doesnt know waht mute means :P TheSaiker: got blue worth :) TheSaiker: sort of TheSaiker: i killed it TheSaiker: i need play ranked TheSaiker: wooden jinx TheSaiker: jinx ez win TheSaiker: THAT OUTPLAY TheSaiker: ez TheSaiker: never mess with THESAIKER TheSaiker: lee buy some dmg 2 TheSaiker: ez TheSaiker: wooden jinx TheSaiker: heimer sucks TheSaiker: such lucky are you guys TheSaiker: CAUSE WE HAVE AN AFK TheSaiker: GG WP TheSaiker: REPORT BOT AND HEIMER TheSaiker: f\ TheSaiker: REPORT HEIMER :) TheSaiker: report heimer afk TheSaiker: and flame
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