Unjustified Perma Ban

Alright, so as the thread states, a while ago I got a permanent ban on LoL. And honestly, I never got why. Yes, I was showing bad behavior somewhat. I mean, if you are trying your best to win, and your jungler starts taxing and failing ganks, its not too surprising one gets upset. But I never used vulgar language. While an punishment is justified, in this case a chat restriction would have been more than enough. My biggest offense was just simply saying too much. Putting a muzzle on my mouth would have shut me up, and made me re-focus. I was also just back again at honor level 3, I was consistently reforming from issues way in the past. So here is the chat log. Now I wonder, do you guys really think a permanent ban was justified over a chat restriction? Since Riot refuses to answer me properly: Game 1 In-Game PloxieSensei: we dont have invade comp PloxieSensei: not :o PloxieSensei: this is my first time ranked PloxieSensei: friends told me I'll probably be bronze 5 PloxieSensei: is that good? PloxieSensei: kappa PloxieSensei: jk im vlad 1trick will go well PloxieSensei: enjoy loss PloxieSensei: :DDDD PloxieSensei: report amumu griefing/trolling please PloxieSensei: take farm walk away, good jungler :) PloxieSensei: 2 vs 2 we would win easy PloxieSensei: I dont care :) PloxieSensei: 3 man come top PloxieSensei: so I would say easy tower at mid or bot PloxieSensei: because diamond-elo jungler PloxieSensei: Shyvana literaly won top for kayle PloxieSensei: amumu only ganked minions xDDD PloxieSensei: amumu is cringe PloxieSensei: ikr PloxieSensei: Ofcourse im alone PloxieSensei: very dependable jungler :D PloxieSensei: would work with again PloxieSensei: like you are supposed to PloxieSensei: with that skill PloxieSensei: nah PloxieSensei: amumu lost my lane for me PloxieSensei: :) PloxieSensei: or well PloxieSensei: shyvana won theirs PloxieSensei: and amumu didnt do anything to counter it PloxieSensei: he doesnt deserve anything but a lose PloxieSensei: please gank more minions xDDD PloxieSensei: gank minions win game amiright amumu PloxieSensei: will do PloxieSensei: so you cant win PloxieSensei: hope you reach silver 5 like you are supposed to PloxieSensei: nice try not even inting though XDDD PloxieSensei: +1 PloxieSensei: dont go ballsdeep69 PloxieSensei: and thats coming from me PloxieSensei: akali is a tank, TDIL PloxieSensei: dont even think about dragon atm PloxieSensei: yeah PloxieSensei: nice job getting caught :D PloxieSensei: haha me PloxieSensei: ofc PloxieSensei: not you, the one who got caught PloxieSensei: who flamed all game long PloxieSensei: xDDD PloxieSensei: I've had it plenty often PloxieSensei: happens when your jungler is like this amumu PloxieSensei: x9 amumu PloxieSensei: Atleast I played good at some point in the game unlike a certain jungler PloxieSensei: 7/8 not much more usefull PloxieSensei: esp considering you are the tank PloxieSensei: our tank doenst know how to tank PloxieSensei: incredible PloxieSensei: x9 amumu flaming
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