Is it new Meta to completely ignore retrat-pings?

It´s been happening more and more often in my ranked games (Platinum) that my teammates just completely ignore retreat pings and die. Like when I´m mid and i see the enemy jungler moving toward bot and I ping them to retreat ( even several times because they dont react) and they just keep pushing or have the great idea to just initiate an all in fight against the enemy botlane. Or like in my last game, the enemy Gragas is chasing my teams Caitlin and Volibear and i see a bit behind him though our ward that the fed enemy Twitch is following and going into stealth. I start pinging my teammates to retreat so that they dont think they could fight gragas 2vs1...10 seconds later " Enemy Doublekill". It has just happened so damn often recently and the enemys got so many kills because of that ( In that last scenario they even got a free baron because of it) which results in several lost games just because people dont listen to their teammates warning. I just cant understand why people do that I mean in platinum you would think that they are smart enough to react but aparently they are not. What do you think why it is that way? I really hope that some people read this and maybe stop ignoring retreat pings
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