Need chat log opinion (dont really care about restriction)

hey guys received a 25 chat restriction for flaming and like game 1, ok i said "id kill myself" like 3 times obviously i said trigger word "kill" and went over the "spam filter" so its a meh but this game i feel like i just got spammed and it went through due amount of reports over the actual text itself. bare in mind, cait asked enemy team if they report me, then she'll report the players they asked for, which in itself is more toxic then what i said Game 2 Pre-Game Brithert: i am# Brithert: nice autofill# Brithert: the high noon skin is selectable but not buyable Brithert: actually skin of the year Brithert: next to god king skins Brithert: ew cass Brithert: HAHAHA In-Game Brithert: pogu Brithert: galio top Brithert: hahahahahaha Brithert: SHE DIED Brithert: ????????????? Brithert: AHHAHAHAHAHA Brithert: GET OUT THE GAME Brithert: conqeuoror is busted Brithert: smurf? Brithert: ty leash Brithert: ty for LP Brithert: thius garne hehe Brithert: ty for leash Brithert: since when is herald Brithert: mportant Brithert: at a ll Brithert: u just gave them herald Brithert: for no reason Brithert: WHY Brithert: KIIK Brithert: 3/0 to 3/4 Brithert: i mean what ur doing now is afking Brithert: you mena play how u been playing Brithert: cait throwin a tantrum Brithert: u afk yet Brithert: wow Brithert: we did all that Brithert: wi%%%%u afk cait Brithert: even gare%%%% outpreforming cait rn Brithert: amazing garen Brithert: wp Brithert: keep it up Brithert: well u know how stubborn gold egos are Brithert: i am death Brithert: they is no running Brithert: gold ego lords Brithert: I SAID TRHEY IS NO RUNNING Brithert: Now i got visage Brithert: so ill just Brithert: cait feel free to afk Brithert: not only will i get Lp but also u get nice 14-day Brithert: its nice bonus Brithert: ytou know Brithert: ah yes Brithert: baron Brithert: mind if we end now? Brithert: xd Post-Game Brithert: you reporting people Brithert: cuz ur salty Brithert: its pretty sad Brithert: "report ekko" Brithert: LOL Brithert: guy did nothing wrong Brithert: u salt shaker Brithert: get a grip Brithert: bohooo Brithert: u wont see me again Brithert: hf in this dumspter fire Side note; enemy jungler was ekko, preforming well on their team this is also my alt account. extra side note post-post..? post-discussion,uh so apparently the word T h 0 t, is a trigger word? when i misspell without, uhh..
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