Getting banned in league these days

So, i finally did it. I got permanently banned in league, the game i loved so much and i spent 3 years of my life with. The last game that i had, with everyone on the team being 1-8 was not the ending i hoped to see. When you have teemo mid versur ahri in ranked play, and you tell him he is unranked you get banned aparently. That game was nothing but me getting flamed by my jungler and support, in all kind of ways, like ''brain dead'', idiot, %%%%%%, and other super toxic words. But as you will see, Riot claimed that i was, way more agressive than them, just because i got reported. Here is what a legit report looks like: A player tiggered review found your in game comms extremely inflammatory and offensive. ''Game 1 Vankyrien: stop playing teemo in ranked... Vankyrien: and ahri doesn't counter you? Vankyrien: she freaking destroys you Vankyrien: she has longer range and after lv 6 you are just dead Vankyrien: this unranked noobs Vankyrien: going against ahri in lane Vankyrien: open mid Vankyrien: gg wp Vankyrien: i just dont like losing Vankyrien: you know how hard i try to play? Vankyrien: dude Vankyrien: i can't win 1v5 Vankyrien: no matter Vankyrien: hos good Vankyrien: i play Vankyrien: mute me more Vankyrien: lulu Vankyrien: no Vankyrien: you just tilted me Vankyrien: :) Vankyrien: that's why i didn't wanted to help Vankyrien: ok Vankyrien: bye Vankyrien: thanks for flaming me Vankyrien: you are an awesome person Vankyrien: i hate flamers :) Vankyrien: nope you called me braindead Vankyrien: i don't play with you in team Vankyrien: so don't ask for help as long as you mute me Vankyrien: and you call me names ok? Vankyrien: reported for verbal Vankyrien: idk Vankyrien: i dont Vankyrien: nope Vankyrien: reported Vankyrien: bye Vankyrien: ticket Vankyrien: for making jokes about disabled people Vankyrien: you will get banned Vankyrien: im not chill Vankyrien: maybe i am Vankyrien: you think it's funny or what/ Vankyrien: no tell me Vankyrien: it's funny? Vankyrien: for making jokes about disabled people Vankyrien: i will make tiket so you get banned Vankyrien: i told you to dodge Vankyrien: why didn;t you? Vankyrien: lol Vankyrien: ok Vankyrien: you are silver boy not diamond Vankyrien: you play with bronzes here Vankyrien: 1-6 1-6 1-6 Vankyrien: and when i say we will get rekt i am ''negative''; Vankyrien: i didn't even played seriously because i knew this is uncarriable Vankyrien: i didn't played seriously this is uncarriable Vankyrien: not like i can do smtg Vankyrien: 1-8 teemo i saw that coming Vankyrien: when you see teemo in ranked just dodge Vankyrien: ok Vankyrien: do whatever you want'' Now, was i negative? yes, i was, how should i be positive with such a team? I was negative enough to get such penalty? i think not. I don't even think that the people at riot who are reviewing this reports (if any) know the meaning of the word noob ( new player). i didn;t insulted anyone, yet my team kept flaming me. i am just sad i don't have the whole text, just my part of the story. And now i am banned and they are on the rift, calling people brain dead, and others flaming people for having bad games. Way to go...
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