To all the players, that complain about devourer stacks...

If the whole team is asking me for ganks like every 10 seconds and I help them instead of stacking my devourer(and even successfully) And when I play Warwick and you expect me to camp your lane and then you don't follow and waste my time when I could be level 6 If you take my jungle creeps all the time, whenever I'm in base and its still early game/early-mid game(not just golems) If you don't cover any parts of my jungle, to see if they don't wait for an invade If 3 enemies constantly trying to counterjungle me and I can't just farm every creep 'cause I have to ward and to be careful If you were right next to me and could've gotten a kill + saving me, I won't blame you, but at least DON'T BLAME me for not having 30 devourer stacks, when its like 20 minutes into the game...thanks

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