Banning boosted players in wave is pointless

So Riot ban boosted people in waves. Unfortunately it is not working at all. Who cares those boosted players/boosters will get banned after half a year if they will ruin so many games during this time. It's like waiting to catch a whole group of murderers instead of catching tevery single one that appears as soon as possible before they commit more crimes. Riot just lets these boosted players ruin games for half a year or sometimes more and think everything is fine. Yes I made that thread, because I met a boosted player from silver in plat 4. He admitted he was boosted and didnt even care at all. I reported him and few other people as well. What will we achieve? Nothing. He will ruin more games most probably untill the end of the season before Riot ban wave hits. Of course it is pretty obvious that Riot with their excuses "we can't ban them immediately because it would reveal our secrets how we find out these boosted players" is made just so they won't ban them asap, because mostly those people are buying RP and skins. So Riot earns on them and at the same time on our misery, trying to justify themselves with lame excuse that is complete bullsht. TLDR: Current elo boosters ban system is bad and is focused on making as much money as possible on people who are using eloboost/boosting players to ban them as late as possible to maximize Riot's profit.
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