Platinum player flames level 24, smurf from bronze

So, I was just playing my game, trying to level up my account so I can play ranked, I am currently level 24 smurfing from a Bronze account that got permabanned, trying to get this account further without flaming my teams and the enemy team. I come across this plat/plat/gold trio premade in the enemy team, my team had higher rank plats so I didnt think that we'd have many problems, one plat here, one plat there, all good. We totally get destroyed and at more or less 30 minutes I go and kick the highest ranked player in the enemy team, a 10/0 nidalee, i Q her as a lee sin, Q her again to go for her, and i proceeded to ulti then flash, she flashed at the same time and i died, no problem. She then makes fun of my play and I say ''it's good to see a platinum player make fun of a level 24'' she calls me a smurf and i reply saying that i was a bronze player, got perma ban, the she says ''permabanned cause ur bad'' and i am mind blown. Why does a platinum player make fun of a ''noob'', i took a 1 year break from League of Legends so I could play without flaming anyone, and I go against one plat noobshaming a level 24... After the game, I hgave a screenshot but IDK how to put it in a board, later if i find out how, i ll post it in here, I say, SeishinGadoRi07: i dont mind you winning SeishinGadoRi07: but making fun of other players.. ffs. Her response is ''sisman'' and ''try to cleean your %%%%% before playing brunze'' i would love to show the print screen but i dont know how to do it and I think i have to blur her name of because it is ''witch hunting'' i think...
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