flaming = mute, but making a game toxic by afk/feeding/trolling is not

If you are flaming for 2 out of 30 games you get a report and a chat restriction. However people who feed more tehn 10 out of 50 games can still continue playing ranked. Why don't they get any restriction, they push people's limits by feeding, trolling, inting, making them to flame and lose there calm. But at the end of the game they report you, you get a chat restriction or ban but they can go on laughing. True, hard flamer can ruin a game, but as every high elo player tell you, if you want to climb, mute chat. Easy, you have no flamers. They can not trigger you. But you can't do anything vs people who int troll or feed. You can't even curse or flame them because you get banned and they do not. They even get you banned for there behaviour. Such a nice game but you don't do anything to improve people's behaviour. There isn't even a point of report for troll/ inting .
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