Can it please stop?

Hi guys, WTF is up?! In all the games I play ADC, I'm playing with a noob support player. For me 8/10 games are with nooby supports. What do I mean by a noob support player? The following things: - No warding - No map pressure (trying to zone the enemy player/denying CS) - No wave management - No harassing the enemy players - No pinging - Throwing a Thresh hook on a Leona - Straight up feeding the enemy laners - Recalling when wave the is pushed towards our lane - Roaming at the wrong times - Making absolutely no engages or trying to peel for me as ADC - Staying behind the ADC - Taking CS - Taking kills (depends on the supp champion ofcourse, giving Brand kills can be beneficial) Most of the games, it's me versus a decent ADC and support. All I'm doing is trying to out CS my enemy ADC player and playing really safely. Until my support starts feeding insanely. How am I able to win a solo lane? It feels impossible and most of the game I just go AFK, because I'm not going to spend 1 hour on a losing game. Sure.... Maybe my other teammates might carr.... Wait, they're also feeding like crazy. No hope for being an ADC.
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