Stuck on honor level 2 with no penalties received (Not a rant)

I know this sounds like a rant at first , but just hear me out for a bit. I would just like to know why I have not received my honor level 3 yet while I haven't received any penalties such as : Chat ban / low priority queue / temporary ban etc. Not to mention , I haven't even gotten a warning about me being reported or anything. I play quite a bit , a minimum of 4 up to like 12 games per day , and I get honored at least once (not by a premade) 85% of my games , honored twice in like 30% and sometimes even 3 and 4. I have people i know that play way less , tend to be more toxic and get reported a lot more and yet they have been level 3 for like 2 weeks now. I am not asking to receive level 3 honor , I just want to know if there is a specific reason I haven't gotten it yet , and if so I would like to know that reason. If I didn't get it because i got reported for some reason , I would like riot to be more transparent about it as I have not received a single warning ever since I started playing league when it comes to toxicity. Gnarcotic , EUNE.
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