RANKED games ruined by S rating cheese

I am starting another ranked game ( IN A ROW) where people are playing Teemo support, Garen jungle, Yasuo Jungle, LB top (in a no tank comp), Amumu support and the most recent one, Gangplank support, all in order to get easy S ratings for the lvl 7 mastery. I am losing game after game after game. I won all of my lanes, but the bad choices lose lane and it snowballs out of control, especially with a bad bot. Normal games, I understand, bad players wanna have the undeserved lvl 7. When I see those picks I take a champ I wanna practice on and write it off as a loss, but in RANKED, winning is the whole point of playing! Stop this madness already! I am surely not the only one facing these oddball champ selections in ranked! EDIT : Just had to dodge a game because in the SAME champ select, I had Annie jungle and Ashe support with MF ADC. I can't play.

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