The Stepford Wives was a satirical warning not an example

So today I got a 14 day ban for chat logged from a game the previous night. This I am guessing was because the ADC I was supping starting yelling that I was a troll and should be reported because he didn't know how Targon's brace worked and thought I was stealing his farm. After he went afk under the tower letting farm be lost while still spamming chat that I was trolling I called him a moron and it went from there as you can imagine though never anything I honestly regret and wouldn't say to someone in the street. Sure not summoners code but really get your shit together Riot if you think a ban in that circumstances is reporting functioning as intended. He then went mid, actually afk quitting out the game and then came back and muted everyone only solo farming bot. Autistic behaviour. Never mind that we ended up winning the game in-spite of this adc, he was in a pre-made with the jungle and I am guessing they both reported me which is apparently enough. I was ironically honoured by the other two members of the team for what they estimated to be solid play helping to win the game despite the handicap. So 14 day ban. Either this is some automated algorithm which is god awful at what it is designed for (which given how bad their match making system is shouldn't I suppose surprise anyone) but riot doesn't care because they are comfortable enough in their numbers they are happy to scorch out a % of their players trying to achieve an insane vision of what online interactions in competitive games looks like, which as their match making is so terrible is never going to happen, or this was an actual person looking at the text and making that call which is inestimably worse. They are providing a poor quality product and banning people when it causes them to be frustrated with the fall out rather than doing anything about it or even acknowledging they have a problem. That Riot will probably delete this thread and will defiantly ignore it because "%%%% this guy we have a million more and the auto system says he was being unpleasant" I think will display exactly how little they care about the players and how much bad faith it acts with. I would urge everyone playing this game to stop buying things as their crazy policies are only going to get worse as their (actual unique individual) player base continues to leach off into new games such as PUBG and Fortnite causing the matches to get less competitive while they take stronger and stronger action to try and cater to some fiction 12 year old who feels worse about bad words than having unbalanced player skills on the teams. You will get banned at some point and you will loose all that money you have spent on their digital assets. I am certainly done with Riot, queue all the smug clowns and their "Nothing of value was lost" idiocy or the thread vanishing because no one cares about these boards.
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