Permabanned. Come and enjoy my tilted and %%%%%%ed chat logs and laugh

So. I got permabanned. Lol I deserved it. I was being toxic as hell. My team was being toxic too but I cant blame em for making ME toxic. Here are my chatlogs: Which im ashamed of. Just so yall can laugh at how pathetic and %%%%%%ed I am. Game 1 Bogity: ill get 6 Bogity: and come bot Bogity: the hell do you want Bogity: that luck tho Bogity: why didnt I survive on -10 hp Bogity: such ''skills Bogity: 11/10 Bogity: SERIOUSY Bogity: WHY DO U ALWAYS SURVIVE ON 1 hp Bogity: wp kled Bogity: WHAT THE %%%%!? Bogity: and I died!? Bogity: Lol Bogity: cant you just let me have one single kill. Bogity: im trying not to be useless. Bogity: ww Bogity: Rep ww afk Bogity: run run Bogity: thts all you can do Bogity: but when im on 1 hp Bogity: you rush in like a grandma in a grocery store Bogity: ARE YOU KIDDDING ME Bogity: YOU LUCKY GARBAGE Bogity: why do YOU ALL SURVIVE ON 1 %%%%ING HP Bogity: WHY DONT I SURVIVE ON 1 HP!? Bogity: YOU ATTACKING? Bogity: RUN RUN Bogity: THATS ALL U CAN DO Bogity: RUN Bogity: ya wanna know exactly why im 0/7? Bogity: assassin on mid> counters me> beats me on lane> warwick doesnt gank> No one leaves me a single kill>Im useless>Im mad>they survive on 1 hp after my hits>Im still useless Bogity: simple enough Bogity: finally. Bogity: ezreal? Bogity: why are you attacking Bogity: since when can you do somthing else other than running Bogity: ' Bogity: WOAH Bogity: bard op Bogity: jinx Bogity: what the hell is your problem Bogity: Im not doing this on purpose. Bogity: lol Bogity: I already explained exactly why im doing bad. Bogity: .... Bogity: I ALREADY EXPLAINED Bogity: oh Bogity: forgot you cant read Bogity: dislexia got you hard didnt it? Bogity: lol Bogity: them comebacks Bogity: no. Bogity: ???? Bogity: can you blame me for this? Bogity: ofc u can Bogity: yes Bogity: guess who helped me feed him? Bogity: ofc Bogity: no one helped me on lane Bogity: and you blame me Bogity: this is a team game Bogity: you really lack a lot of brain cells Bogity: yeah alreight then mr pro player Bogity: why dont you carry us then? Bogity: since you are sogood Bogity: lol Bogity: you cant even land a Q with aurelion Bogity: you are so damn frustrating to deal with Bogity: your stupidity makes it hard for me to explain Bogity: im ajust mute Bogity: gg. report jinx blame flame and being toxic Bogity: same goes for ww Bogity: gg Ill be back. Less toxic than ever!
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