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cateatdog / Gold 4 49LP / 690W 689L Win Ratio 50% / Morgana - 194W 213L Win Ratio 48%, Illaoi - 180W 146L Win Ratio 55%, Sona - 79W 60L Win Ratio 57%, Blitzcrank - 33W 30L Win Ratio 52%, Lux - 22W 21L Win Ratio 51%
I am a Gold 4 Eune player and as every League player i am used to getting inted, griefed and trolled in games. You could argue that people wouldn't even know they are playing League if someone didn't tell them to 'kill themselves' at least once in every 5-10 games. The reason i am here complaining about it now is my last game.... I decided to play adc ( because let us be real it is season 9 u can play whatever u want if u team has less trolls, inters, griefers, flamers, etc. then the enemy team u will win the game and if not u will lose) so i locked in {{champion:145}} and looked through everyone's mastery while waiting for the game to start. It wasn't anything unusual except our {{champion:17}} jungle and i saw our support had 1,2 million mastery points on {{champion:25}} and i was legit happy ( not because our jg pick of course but its League so i figure he might do well if i don't say anything)... And then the game started and everything went so wrong so fast... Our exceptional jungler ({{champion:17}} ) died ganking (his first gank btw), our toplaner {{champion:420}} was just dying so much it was actually amazing just feeding the enemy {{champion:122}} and dropping the 'GG' in chat every time she would die. She built {{item:3751}} into {{item:3024}} then finished her {{item:3068}} followed by {{item:3025}} ( key Illaoi items of course) which look and sound worse then they probably are but still there were better options. Our midlaner {{champion:134}} was actually doing pretty well so i figured if i get nice and fed we can 2v5 easily (that was before she lost the game with what was arguably the dumbest face-check ever.... But then i saw that our {{champion:25}} wasn't as supporting as she probably should have been... She took farm ( not by mistake, or by trying to poke or autoing by accident) she was flat-out taking farm using her abilities to secure the cannons ( the only thing worse then missing one is probably getting it taken in front of your eyes) like she was playing {{champion:8}} top and was just preparing to 1v9 the game with {{item:3152}} and {{item:3158}}. And as any adc player i got triggered and tilted, warned her several times to stop but to no success. She started {{item:3301}} but i figured she knows what she is doing (1,2 mill. mastery points after all) but she just farmed and took kills, split-pushed the entire mid to late game (42 min game btw) and basically didn't do much of anything ( except ruin my lane of course). We lost the game and our team asked for {{champion:25}} to be reported cause apparently i wasn't the only one that took issue with her. And then i saw her match history just to be surprised that she didn't decide to take farm and split because she thought we were bad.. SHE ACTUALLY PLAYS LIKE THAT EVERY SINGLE GODDAMN GAME, she starts {{item:3301}} builds into {{item:3285}} followed by {{item:3020}} and {{item:3027}} and does so also on {{champion:99}} and sometimes {{champion:37}}. She sometimes has 'good games' but she definitely always ruins the game for at least one person (her adc) and is arguably disgustingly toxic (despite actually typing only a few words) and definitely ruined my game and also getting me a 10-game chat-restriction while she probably didn't get punished (even though the chat restriction thing is arguably my fault lol) . And the most toxic and troll thing about all of that is the fact that she PURPOSELY LOCKS IN SUPPORT AND PLAYS LIKE THAT EVERY SINGLE GAME. I am definitely dodging her if i get her in my team again so thanks for reading and feeling my tilt, hope i don't have to %%%%% like this again.. PEACE
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