Why aren't trolls being punished?

This season has been the heaviest to play so far, because the games are filled with ragequitters, trolls and players who start inting the first moment things aren't going their way. Obviously I've used the report tool every time this has happened, no matter if the player is on my team or the enemys, but I'm almost positive I havent had one message that says the reported player got punished. Ive screen capped players stating that they are trolling, but if I remember correctly Riot doesnt allow chat logs with player names to be published if they show any player names, which is kinda odd, but who am I to question the policies. I just finished yet another game with such player, and thought what the hell, lets try to get some discussion going and Im sure theres hundreds of posts like mine but at this point this is just therapy for me Edit. Seems like reading the FAQ should be something I shouldve done long time ago, getting the message about the punishment isnt something that happens every time :P
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