Wrongfully Banned for 14 days.

So just today I played one game. In this game I was playing vayne top and played bad early game against an ekko top, I pinged for help from lee, but he never came unless I was dead and the ekko was low. Just cause I was 1/4 at first Lee flamed me and was constantly insulting me so I tried to ignore him and went onto farming. The lee kept on spamming to enemy team to report me and was trying to tilt me so much. When Ekko told lee in all chat that I was doing more pressure than lee was (who kept on trying to force teamfights, when I was at bot applying pressure and splitting), Lee was offended by this and kept spamming troller and report calls. It wasn't my fault i cant help during teamfights as I am behind and need to farm. So while I was farming in mid, Lux called me tard because she and lee died 2v4 in the enemy jungle near bot krugs. By the end of the game, when Lee and Lux died after getting caught, I came and killed out the enemy team, with me dieing at the end, leading our team to victory, and Lee says that vayne (me) came into fight after enemy skills went on cd". After game I reported lee and lux for toxic and verbal abuse, yet somehow I am banned for toxic behaviour which I don't understand. You can see the chat logs below, First game is from 19/10/2017 (first game of the day) and the second game is from the day before. Please help if you can, and hopefully Riot can help out with this and rectify this wrongful ban. Game 1 Obbymaulerz: skt will win worlds Obbymaulerz: draven wasnt even there Obbymaulerz: LLOL Obbymaulerz: first time ez jung? Obbymaulerz: ur a tyler1 fan aint ya? Obbymaulerz: wp lee Obbymaulerz: u got no wards Obbymaulerz: ikr Obbymaulerz: rofl Obbymaulerz: hitbox op ^^ Obbymaulerz: dat last q Obbymaulerz: why the hell is tf in top Obbymaulerz: why are you playing lee jung? Obbymaulerz: dont play lee. Obbymaulerz: when u cant gank Obbymaulerz: dont play jung again Obbymaulerz: u havent ganked a lane Obbymaulerz: u only come when we are either dead Obbymaulerz: or they are low Obbymaulerz: ima just mute u Obbymaulerz: is lee still flaming? Obbymaulerz: nice flash cait Obbymaulerz: wp Obbymaulerz: u mean kill secure? Obbymaulerz: wp lux Obbymaulerz: draven ur obv a tyler1 fanboy Obbymaulerz: suit urself lee Obbymaulerz: ur a flamer lee why u asing for help Obbymaulerz: then stop ur flaming Obbymaulerz: u havent even stopped flaming since min 10 and u expect me to listen to u? Obbymaulerz: do you? Obbymaulerz: then stop ur flaming Obbymaulerz: this lee flames me and proceeds to say "report vayne" rofl. Obbymaulerz: obv. Obbymaulerz: i muted him till now then unmuted thinking he will stop Obbymaulerz: i was so wrong. Obbymaulerz: i didnt flame at all Obbymaulerz: just coz i played bad against ekko u flamed me telling me to stop vayne top and that im useless Obbymaulerz: i got no reason to lie Obbymaulerz: u obv do Obbymaulerz: wp lux Obbymaulerz: ty nami Obbymaulerz: this lee.. Obbymaulerz: guys im muting lee again Obbymaulerz: drav red? Obbymaulerz: :/ Obbymaulerz: im a tard lux? Obbymaulerz: ok Obbymaulerz: :) Obbymaulerz: can u report lux and lee both are insanly toxic Obbymaulerz: gg wp ekko u were hard and fun Game 2 Obbymaulerz: GL&HF Obbymaulerz: lol wut Obbymaulerz: galio 6 Obbymaulerz: she is chat restricted Obbymaulerz: get out of here pls. Obbymaulerz: wtf Obbymaulerz: dont push Obbymaulerz: Sad. Obbymaulerz: malz Obbymaulerz: can u roam,? Obbymaulerz: but why? Obbymaulerz: HAHAH Obbymaulerz: thx Obbymaulerz: he was oom Obbymaulerz: plus he got first tower Obbymaulerz: ffs Obbymaulerz: wp Obbymaulerz: Safe Obbymaulerz: :) Obbymaulerz: no skill champ.. Obbymaulerz: zed requires no skill Obbymaulerz: vayne does Obbymaulerz: nida screw u. Obbymaulerz: why bring to me Obbymaulerz: dont flame Obbymaulerz: stop ur flame Obbymaulerz: last warning Obbymaulerz: suit urself Obbymaulerz: can u report thresh pls , constantly flaming Obbymaulerz: ur his pre dude Obbymaulerz: its all in chat no need to lie,. Obbymaulerz: "not flame" ok Obbymaulerz: i didnt lose solo :) Obbymaulerz: u know flamers dont win. Obbymaulerz: for a reason Obbymaulerz: gg wp Obbymaulerz: if u had stopped flaming Obbymaulerz: we would of done better If you guys need any context, feel free to ask, I will answer them honestly and try my best to explain the chat log. Thanks, Your Innocent Summoner.
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