Why is being toxic so common and doesn´t get punished very often?

Hello there alltogether, I´m writing this after just another game lost to an inting player, with the intention to get to know if I maybe just have a wrong understanding of the way you should deal with other human beings or if Rito just %%%%s up a lot. First of all I have to say I started playing at the end of Season 3 and from then to now it seemed like the game got worse with every year. I started wishing everyone a good game at the start and with a "ggwp" at the end regardless of winning or losing the game, it was fun to play even when you lost some games. Right now I have the all-chat disabled, often use "/mute all" at the beginning and alot of games it´s just like "please be over soon". It feels like reporting people for toxic behavior like "pls uninstall", "die on cancer", "worst <champ> ever seen, pls go afk" doesn´t matter. Currently I report 1 Summoner per Game on Average with getting maybe 1 out of 100 punished. A few years ago I had to report 1 Summoner in 50 games maybe and in 70% of the cases he/she got punished. I´m wondering quite often, if Rito either just don´t care about reports, the players don´t care to report people or if I am reporting people for things that are allowed because being toxic is overall okay? I have said things I shouldn´t have myself aswell, things I think I should´ve probalby got a temporary suspesion for as well, but what did I got? nothing.. Also it seems like the place is quite important, like being toxic, afk etc. in a ranked is more impactful than in normals. I know some people that got permabanns for being so toxic, but they just started leveling up another account. They were as toxic as always, but the 1 week of leving the account to 30 nothing happend, but then when they started playing rankeds it only took 2 Days to get the account banned, even though their behaviour was the same the whole time. Does this mean I can be unsportsmanlike in normals like I want to, because the reports go direktly to Oscar in his garbage can? For me it seems like players got more toxic over the years and Rito failed to react in time so that basically others got infected as well like "that guy wrote '%%%' I reported him and nothing happened, so it has to be ok to write that from time to time". I mean is it so difficult to display a message the first time someone writes that, to warn him to not do that again and bann him right out the game the moment he writes it again? I see quite often people that start flaming because some one else started first and they only fire back (sometimes coming here to complain why their acc got banned and not the one of the person who started). I would consider myself a friendly player over all and even though I often think about my adcs "why are you such an idiot and go in like that?" I don´t write that, is it that hard for others to do the same? I often play one game and that get´s me pissed of enough for a day. I keep returning because I always hope it might got better, just to get dissapointed again and again. Am I just to easily offended by trash-talk? I mean I would immediately ban everyone who writes "gg ez" when no Ezreal is in the game. Sadly for me even pro players are like that, trashtalking about how they´ll stomp the other team. Why can´t just someone say "I´ll hope we´ll have some nice matches against them and may the better team win"? Most people here are adults why are they acting like 5 year olds? There are always some people who just are asshats, but it seems like in League 80% of all people are. Each game people flaming and blaming each other in a game that was supposed to be a teamgame. Sure it´s not always easy to have 5 random people playing together, but the synergy sure wont get better when you try to bully someone out of the team. This brings me to my final point, with cyber bullying becoming more and more of a problem it seems like it´s also getting part of this game, like players try to intentionally push others down to hide their own problems. The problem of this is a general one, not one that grew inside the game, but League shouldn´t be a platform that tolerates it. From wind there can always grow storm and not taking care of the small problems where it all started can bring you to something you just can´t control anymore in the end. Will there ever be a chance League becomes a friendlier place again?...
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