New Tiers Destroyed Ranked

Ranked games have never been worse then this season!!! It is a pure COIN FLIP! Nothing else. It is all about who is going to get trolls in his team, you or your enemy. Since the start of the season I played like 100 games in total. In like 20 out of 100 there was somebody afk, either at the start of the game or after some time. I am in Silver ( Low elo noob here) at the moment - unfortunately. Also 1 bad player has much more impact on the game then 1 good player. Trust me guys, from those 100 games I have played this season, not more then 10 games were normal, competitive, interesting and without trolls, flamers etc... Every game is such a pain in the asss, either somebody from enemy team is inting hard or somebody from your team - there is no middle ground. Ofc I am not perfect, I'm making 1000 of mistakes probably , but the thing is that 90% of players at least in Silver/Gold have 0 awareness on what's happening on the map, 0 mechanics, 0 game knowledge in general, ok it's low elo, I can't expect that they know too much, but there is a 100 of situations for example, mid laner flaming jungler for dying 1 v 1 from enemy mid laner, maaaan you are 1 v 1, shut up and next time make sure you are getting free trades and you know how much damage you are dealing, pay attention on his cooldowns etc... It's not anybody's fault, it's YOURS!!! And then flaming from all direction comes. Adc gives a first blood and then flaming support and he is going to troll or afk, or whatever. Also issue playing first time champions in ranked games???? Like really??? Im not saying you should be level 7 with some champ to play him in ranked, but at least learn some basic mechanics of that champion and learn to cs properly, not to rush into ranked, not knowing basic things about champion you are playing - and then his team is trolling hahahaha, no you are trolling with your pick. And the reason for most of these things is NEW RANKED TIERS AND NEW MATCH MAKING. I have been in Silver for a bit last season also, and trust me, back then there were much better/normal players then now. Now??? I can't imagine Iron and Brozne, but I'm sure it is not worse, Silver is worst division at this point, soo much players deserving much lower ranks are there because of new ranked system, THANK YOU RIOT for how many times you managed to fucck something up, for no particular reason. RANKED THIS SEASON - COIN FLIP! SIMPLE AS THAT.
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