14 day ban out of the blue

this I that I said and I am not justified ofc but still it a warning would be handy and on top of that I've been banned before and even gifted when it was Christmas. Game 1 The Manly Moose: sorry i didn\t ult with my 32 mana and 142 health The Manly Moose: and there is something called %%% The Manly Moose: %%% / kill you're self The Manly Moose: i mean you started being a %%%% and stuff The Manly Moose: baron* It was an Annie who talked like I didn't know what a base was so I got angry and of course I should have been the "adult" one and muted the person but I wasn't. I feel it 14 days was unnecessary and a 10 or 25 games with chatban would be more accurate.
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