Can i report someone from enemy team that asked me "surr?" is this verbal abuse?

I hate when people do this, it's obvious that all of you got bad game. This feeling when your enemies destroying your team slowly and painful, it's near 15 minute. Suddenly you saw someone texting all chat, this is the question "**Surr?**" you feel anger because you tried your best and tried to do something during this 15 minutes, help your team, do dragon, farm well. Now you may thinking that your all hard work is pointless. **Wrong**. You can still win this if you would try. Because of people asking when you "**surr?**" you feel worse, and you have less chances to win. _Honestly_? For me it's **verbal abuse**, I don't know why people do this. **I can't** understand that thinking is like "_Ouu! Destroy their game and their minds maybe even humors_". It's just a game can't we pay eachother a little bit of **respect**. What do you think guys?
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