Toxic Players

Toxic people ... are and will be in the league of legends forever why? Well it's a pretty easy thing to explain first of all i'm toxic, you can tell me i'm wrong i deserve the ban but ... not quite. A person who really likes League of Legends will never stop playing right, the game is really addictive, but... If i'm toxic and really like to play league of legends i'll create an account and i'll start from scratch telling myself i won't be toxic this time and what ever happens i'm back to being toxic and banning again on the account ... What I'm trying to tell you riot is that we toxic players are toxic for some right reason? Toxic Players almost always insult other players for playing bad or having a negative score, losing a drake ... etc. But it's not their fault Nooo ... IS YOUR FAULT They in a ranked are not to blame for playing against someone of higher rank, but I understand the ban we are blaming on one person. I am sure that many players are no longer toxic but I am also sure that many players remain and why? Because you don't do a better matchmaking. It would be better to wait 5 minutes for a match ... but find players all of the same rank, than about 2 minutes sometimes seconds to find a match with different ranks. You can ban this comment if you want but I won't stop insisting on wanting a better league of legends that doesn't have to be toxic. Poque It is not only toxic who writes I do not know if you are aware of it. We just want to let it all out so we can focus on the game.
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