I have a question for all of you and i need a honest answer

So i have a guy who played this game from S3 and he was a flamer and recently(at the time this post is here it's been 3 Months) he got permabanned for that reason.So he decided to leave league for 3 months so that he will be able to maybe fix himself a little better on his part.So here we are 3 months later he writes a post in the forums about getting unbanned and so a dev answered him back.The dev told him the reason he got banned and the dev even mention this ...Keep in mind though, that we ban accounts not players, so you're free to start your journy if you so desire... .And so here i am asking you guys to enlighten me on what you guys think he should had said on his part.For me personally those words mean <We will ban your account because you are not respecting our rules and so you wan't be able to use this account anymore but you are free to make another account and start over from scratch> Now imagine that you started a game and played it for 5-6 years(example) or even more and you've putted a lot of effort and money into your account so that your gaming experience will be a heck of a lot better and enjoyable.Let's say that you've putted like 500$+ like a lot of people and someone comes and say you are not welcomed here because your negativity effects our game and he is right about that i'm not saying that he is wrong but why should you get a permaban from the game and not a permaban from the chat or something else.And so here is my question for you :What do you guys think about this situation and about what the dev wrote to this guy ,is it acceptable ,should he had write something else and so on.I will be waiting to hear your answers about this problem.Finally i would like to say thanks for those who will take time and read this post and give me there answer about what they think should happen here or why it is right to stay like this and so on.BBs everyone {{sticker:vlad-salute}}
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