is it time to quit league maybe?

after losing 2 games in a row i started crying and sulking instead of being angry, i tried so hard my last game as warwick jungle did everything i could focused on not dying, i just couldn't carry that game, I just am getting way too depressed of this shit, i'm doing what the higher elo players tell me what I should be doing, DONT DIE DONT DIE, but then my entire team is always dying, i'm only ganking if it's a 100% kill chance and I could still 1v1 that vayne but in the end, my mid laner went afk rage DC, not gonna blame him tbh, the veigar support went mid and died 2-3 times and the jinx was solo bot almost the entire game because of it. i just don't know what to do, i'm being mentally blocked and my mindset is now "something is wrong, it's most likely me, i'm just too damn bad to carry this elo by myself and I can't get a win streak no matter how hard i try no matter how focused i am no matter how many games i /mute all, there will never be a beautiful win streak ever again" losing my mind here, going to uninstall this game soon, it's making me cry for real, I'm at a loss, I wish I could just win the games when I feel like I deserve to win, but then they get completely nuked by the enemy whose so much better than me i'm playing 1v9 maybe MAYBE ahaha. Everything is a lie, everything is a lie, everything is a lie everything is a lie, life is a lie, games are lies fictional made up pure nightmares, think I've hit a psychosis in my brain, i'm literally losing my mind, i've been manic for 3 days now, just can't anymore, I need some actual help on how to actually climb this stupid elo, I just can't anymore >.<, I did ask for advice got some good advice, and that's why I'm personally doing way better when i'm jungling coz i'm following these peoples advices to my hearts content. but it doesn't help, my win ratio is still 41% I can't get to 50% I'm hardstuck for real, it's making me cry, and manically laughing, and manically being pissed, i've been completely manic for 3 days and i've had enough with this. I NEED GENUINE HELP.
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