Toxicity in the Preseason

I firstly just want to say that this is not directly off the back of a harsh game. I simply want to voice my experiences and have a level headed discussion about whether I’m alone here. I’ve started this accounts ranked journey entirely during the pre-season, have played for approx 6 years, was placed Gold 3 here from placements and am in no denial that I am probably slightly rusty and washed up. But I am not here to analyse my gameplay, simply to analyse how unbearably toxic the players and games have been during the preseason, particularly in gold. I had played the season just gone quite thoroughly and never experienced it on this level. Usually it is expected to have one intentional feeder or troll per game (Though this is already too much), but I’ve been finding that my teams are composed of two or three of these players at a time, it makes it statistically very difficult to win currently no matter a persons skill level. This has been every game (no exaggeration) bar one or two normal feeling games to break it up for atleast the past two weeks. There is too little emphasis on punishing these types of offences, I report people for toxicity and trolls/inters/feeders/afkers alike, but I have noticed that I seemingly only receive the “your recent report was successful” message for when I report toxicity, I cannot think of a single time I have had this satisfaction when it comes to intentional feeding. I completely understand it’s a more difficult offence to punish as the evidence is less black and white as it is for toxicity, but it’s honestly at an all time high in all my years of playing. I am completely familiar with how league players behave after all these years of playing but something is seemingly so off during this preseason, it’s absolute toxicity on steroids - truly on levels I have never experienced before. Is it just the preseason? I’ve obviously played many other preseasons and don’t remember it being this extreme. Am I alone in my observations? Is this also something Riot are willing to acknowledge and are currently trying to tackle? It’d be great to get the perspective from an official.
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