Team stealing my jungle farm

Every game, my team thinks it's their right to take my jungle farm whenever they please. Losing their lane and can't farm? Take the jungle. Winning their lane and want to capitalise? Take the jungle. Happen to be passing even while I'm right there farming? Take the jungle. Not sure what I'm meant to do about this. Top will take 1-2 camps from topside jungle. ADC will clear the entire botside jungle whenever they want. Last game I had a Kayn mid who took every single raptor camp - even when I was level 2 just emerging from blue jungle there he was in the middle of farming it, his justification? "stfu I need xp". Oh ok I'll just be level 2 then. Turns out the enemy also managed to get my red so all I had left was Krugs. Everyone just helps themself to "1-2 camps here and there" and before I know it I've got no jungle left. I'm playing behind on xp and farm a lot recently because of this but should I take a single lane minion I get spam pings all day long telling me to gtfo. What am I meant to do in this situation? By the end of the game I usually come out "ok" on cs but that's because I'm getting the majority of it in the last 5-10 minutes when I can splitpush or clear minion waves. I'm playing the entire game from behind recently yet ofc they still expect ganks and so on.
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