Dealing with AFKing in Ranked

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Hello. I don't really use the League of Legends boards nor do I plan on hanging out here but I think this is the only place where I can talk about this. We all know how frustrating Ranked can be and I feel like one of the worst things in Ranked is AFKing; it usually leads to a 100% loss. I really want to talk about a thing we had back in earlier seasons (5,4 IIRC) called Ranked Restriction. Riot added this back then and it was given out to players which were incredibly toxic in their ranked games and in order to lift this restriction, they had to win a required number of Normal draft games. (Look at the screenshot). Now, I'm not saying this should be added like this, however, they really should consider putting it back into the game but shifting it a little bit; maybe restrict the player from ranked for a specific time period or just go with the games thing? It won't completely fix the AFK issue but I think people will definitely AFK less if this was still in the game. LeaverBuster just isn't enough of a punishment for this. 20min queue+ avg. queue time (2min) is really not that much; only for 5 games. Ranked Restriction would definitely discourage AFKing as the player literally wouldn't be able to queue up for ranked for a specific time or until they've played/won several PvP games. What are your thoughts on this? Do you think Ranked Restrictions would fix AFKing in games?
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