PSA: You Can't Expect The Support To Always Be There

Yeah, yeah. The support's main job is to peel, shield, heal and all that, but please don't expect them to always be there to cover your ass. I can keep you alive when the enemy team tries to Zerg Rush you (for the most part), but I can't ensure your continued safety if you, say, dive headlong into the entire enemy team, alone, miles ahead of your team. Another thing, if the enemy has a super fed assassin, I'm not going anywhere near that has an enchanter. You can call me a coward all you want, but I ask you, what's more useful to the team; a support that's applying shields from the back or a dead one? What I'm basically saying is, if you die and your support lives, instead of going into all chat to %%%%% about them, or spam pinging them until you're blue in the face, think to yourself; could they have actually saved me, or did I just throw myself into the grey tinted void for no reason?
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