Wtf is this ban???

Uhm, dafuq is dis ban? i wasn't that toxic compared to other people, in game one my team was pretty much inting and being toxic af, harassing each other. in first game i even said SORRY and they forgave me, wtf!!!!?! Bot inting, mid inting, il int too - i did not int or anything, i even carryed the game what the %%%%?! IN game 2 my aatrox legit ran it down and died 24/7.... what u want me to do - i tried to fkin stop him or some shit help? i do not ask for a ban lift(it would be nice tho) but i want an explanation to this bullshit. in game one 1 toxic thing i said is the SmellyCrab: %%%% OFF U CANCER %%%%ING CHAMP JESUS CHIRST, SmellyCrab: HOW THE %%%% DO U GET THAT MOVEMENT SPEED. other stuff is provoked. LOGS: Game 1 Pre-Game SmellyCrab: top is a no sr SmellyCrab: garen is the only thing SmellyCrab: i can play SmellyCrab: lol In-Game SmellyCrab: ? SmellyCrab: muted SmellyCrab: gj SmellyCrab: ehh SmellyCrab: hardstomped SmellyCrab: jesus she is fking cancer SmellyCrab: %%%% OFF U CANCER %%%%ING CHAMP JESUS CHIRST SmellyCrab: HOW THE %%%% DO U GET THAT MOVEMENT SPEED SmellyCrab: bot inting SmellyCrab: mid inting SmellyCrab: il int too SmellyCrab: ok SmellyCrab: ez win SmellyCrab: u need gank? SmellyCrab: u die SmellyCrab: 24/7 SmellyCrab: everyone does SmellyCrab: everyone needs a gank SmellyCrab: she can't split herself SmellyCrab: gj SmellyCrab: gj SmellyCrab: she won't come closer SmellyCrab: she autist SmellyCrab: ... SmellyCrab: gj SmellyCrab: idk why i flashed lol SmellyCrab: yea SmellyCrab: %%%%%%ed SmellyCrab: and rakan SmellyCrab: wants farm aswell SmellyCrab: like wtf SmellyCrab: look map SmellyCrab: i atleast was taking tower SmellyCrab: uff SmellyCrab: nice SmellyCrab: go top SmellyCrab: pls SmellyCrab: shyv legit brain off SmellyCrab: ? SmellyCrab: whats wrong SmellyCrab: normal build SmellyCrab: titanic after SmellyCrab: nice SmellyCrab: u a SmellyCrab: 0/1/4 SmellyCrab: thingy magig SmellyCrab: no ganks SmellyCrab: no nting SmellyCrab: just farm SmellyCrab: stop fking complaining SmellyCrab: and play SmellyCrab: 100ho SmellyCrab: 100hp SmellyCrab: no spells up SmellyCrab: :) SmellyCrab: gj SmellyCrab: shyv back to farming SmellyCrab: gj SmellyCrab: legit most %%%%% ass champ SmellyCrab: ever SmellyCrab: gj SmellyCrab: gj taluun SmellyCrab: getting the carryes out SmellyCrab: u do not quit SmellyCrab: u still playing SmellyCrab: lol SmellyCrab: das is a kopf SmellyCrab: kappa pride SmellyCrab: don't fam SmellyCrab: team SmellyCrab: i am sorry SmellyCrab: for being toxic SmellyCrab: i hope you forgive me SmellyCrab: i was jsut really mad at the moment :( SmellyCrab: talon SmellyCrab: %%%%ed up SmellyCrab: RUN SmellyCrab: RUNNN SmellyCrab: if they run away maybe not SmellyCrab: they got no minions SmellyCrab: we realyl close to losing SmellyCrab: ok SmellyCrab: nice SmellyCrab: one more chance SmellyCrab: last chance SmellyCrab: fininsh SmellyCrab: GG SmellyCrab: WTF SmellyCrab: WTF ARE U DOING SmellyCrab: %%%% YOUUUU SmellyCrab: GG SmellyCrab: HONOR ME Post-Game SmellyCrab: %%%%ING SmellyCrab: GE GE SmellyCrab: me no honors SmellyCrab: for finishing SmellyCrab: rly SmellyCrab: wtf SmellyCrab: no lol SmellyCrab: u all died SmellyCrab: %%%%%%s Game 2 Pre-Game SmellyCrab: hi SmellyCrab: i can pick anything SmellyCrab: jsut carry me SmellyCrab: nah SmellyCrab: im good SmellyCrab: what u want banned? SmellyCrab: me no want SmellyCrab: go ur best SmellyCrab: carry me SmellyCrab: i meant i can go any role SmellyCrab: tank jung? SmellyCrab: k SmellyCrab: mundo maybe SmellyCrab: don't have SmellyCrab: mundo ramus? SmellyCrab: this is SmellyCrab: my last chance SmellyCrab: to get to gold SmellyCrab: please tryhard SmellyCrab: thats what im gonna do In-Game SmellyCrab: waht u want SmellyCrab: im not even 6 SmellyCrab: yea, u needed fast push SmellyCrab: not slow farming stuff SmellyCrab: damn SmellyCrab: i got clapped SmellyCrab: what again? SmellyCrab: dude SmellyCrab: wtf SmellyCrab: play as team SmellyCrab: and stop talking SmellyCrab: Busted ass movment u got there SmellyCrab: he does not need it SmellyCrab: we build no mr SmellyCrab: lol SmellyCrab: stfu SmellyCrab: if u would stop inting SmellyCrab: we would win SmellyCrab: u told me to pick it no? SmellyCrab: rip my gold SmellyCrab: report aatrox SmellyCrab: ty SmellyCrab: flaming whole game Post-Game SmellyCrab: %%%% u aa SmellyCrab: ty for messing SmellyCrab: my SmellyCrab: gold SmellyCrab: promos
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